Karmely - The Spirit of Honey

We have named our drink Karmely, because in all languages the name sounds as magical as a Stradivarius violin, causing delightful emotions, and after first small sip, the name of the drink will be never forgotten. This magnificent Karmely has mellow, balanced and finally crafted flavor with the notes of mountain thyme honey, grapes and wild herbs, carefully by hands collected, for an exceptionally smooth and rich rewarding taste.


The distillate is produced by fermentation and followed double distillation of grape must pieces of grapes, including stems and seeds that have been pressed during the process of making a wine. The grape must has to stand in sealed drums for about six weeks after the date when grape has been pressed afore distilling of the fermented mass. Thus produced alcohol, mixed with mountain thyme honey, wild herbs and grape must, more or less maintained, then double filtered and bottled.


Karmely is strong and at the same time flavored alcoholic drink 30%, 36% and 45% alc. However, strength of the drink hardly noticeable because of the taste and aroma of thyme honey and grape must. Traditionally Karmely served well chilled and might be offered before or after meal or with dessert fruits, cheese and fruit jellies, as well as coffee, tea, in cocktails, and many other interesting combinations.